Sunday, July 3, 2011

Welcome to Mafia Wars

Mafia Wars is a game enjoyed by over 17 million people on Facebook - and whether you are a newbie or an expert, you will no doubt benefit from this blog. I will try to give you some shortcuts that can help you enjoy the game further. Don't expect cheat sheets such as cheat codes we all enjoyed in Wolfenstein 3D on our PC... :-)

On the other hand you CAN benefit greatly from listening to others, and therefore I will offer you a strategy that helps you build a strong mafia with lots of beneficial mafia wars members that can give you hours of fun in this world of virtual crime. Mafia Wars will be one of your favorite games once you get to know this game.

I will be honest with you. Originally, I preferred Mob Wars, equally a game on Facebook. But once I had come through all challenges there were limits to Mob Wars that caused me to invest more time (and fun) in the game of Mafia Wars. [My hubpage entitled "Mob Wars for Experienced Users" can tell you more about advanced strategies for Mob Wars, if you want background information.]

Basic Principles
As you complete each level you are offered a number of skill points. These can be divided into the following areas:

  • Attack

  • Defence

  • Health

  • Energy

  • Stamina

Getting your priorities right will be important in determining how to spend your skill points. Completing a level is one way to get skill points. Finishing a job to a full 100% will also earn you skill points.

Attack Skills
Attack points should not be your main focus - unless you plan to live dangerously when you are a newbie. Get a substantial mafia (70+ members) before focusing on attack skills. Since you will need to have AT LEAST one weapon per mafia member, you will similarly be quite dependent upon economy to get the money necessary to create a good combat team before focusing on attacking other Mafia Wars mafia bosses.

Defence Skills
On the other hand, you WILL need defence skills to handle attacks from other Mafia Wars players. Getting defence skills will improve your combat situation when others decide to attack you.

Health Points
Having a good level of health is similarly important when you are indeed attacked. If your health is low, you run the risk of being killed - which will cost you experience points, and thus cause you to wait longer before reaching the next level.

Energy Skills
Energy skills will be important to finish jobs to finish and complete levels and jobs. Energy should be spent before you make use of the gift of Energy Packs. An energy pack will cause you to get 25% on top of a full energy refill. Spending an energy pack before you have depleted your entire energy will cause you to lose a lot of energy - just as spending an energy pack would be foolish if you are close to reaching a new level. You will already get a full energy refill by completing a level, so spending an energy pack in that situation would be somewhat foolish...

Furthermore, please be aware that you can only have a stock of five unused energy packs, so keep energy packs for when you REALLY need them. Sending energy packs to others (which is free) augments chances of you getting one back, so being generous can greatly benefit yourself. Important strategy to consider when you want to have a steady source of energy packs for future missions.

Stamina Skills
Stamina won't be all that necessary´in the beginning. Building a good sized mafia will be more important than starting to build a lot of stamina for fighting others in attacks. Furthermore, robbing other Mafia Wars players will be difficult until you have a proper sized mafia with the right equipment to handle the assignment you choose.

Stay Tuned
Stay tuned for more information about the Mafia Wars game on Facebook. I look forward to sharing lots of information, screen dumps etc with all of you, and welcome your active participation - either by joining my Mafia or by making comments on this blog.

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