Saturday, August 9, 2014

Airport City Website and Trailer

When reacting to a system breakdown, I went to the fan page, and discovered the official game website, and saw their official trailer for the Airport City game, which I wanted to share with you today:

Have fun playing Airport City out there. You are welcome to become one of my neighbors. :-)

Mafia Wars - Important News...

When it comes to playing Mafia Wars there is important news you need to know. Gifts expire in that game, so vacation time can be a real burden once you get back from your vacation.

I reached level 669 this morning, but found at least 55 gifts that had expired. What a shame, and what a waste... :-)

I wish more of my readers would begin commenting. It is your chance to profile yourself in the game, so don't hold back from writing a comment.

Have fun out there, and have a nice weekend everyone. :-)