Monday, February 6, 2012

The Art of Social Gameplay in Social Networks

When it comes to gameplay in social networks such as Facebook games, there is an art that has been forgotten. In order to GET help in your own games, you need to start the circle of good karma.

I have seen numerous players who gladly add themselves to your network, and even though they get help for the boss fights in Crime City or wars in Mafia Wars, they don't return the favor. Some even start a fight with a boss in Crime City, and don't even spend the first bullet (stamina), but expect their friends to do the entire work.

First of all, added bonus - special hardware - is earned by delivering at least 10% of the damage in Crime City. If you do more, some would say it was wasted. That is the wrong attitude, and here's the reason why this is so. If the fight ends (after 2 or 3 days) without a full win even your 10% help is wasted.

So for tougher bosses you need to go all in - and don't waste time adding several bosses to the fight list at the same time. You will only lose everything from that strategy.

But if you want some real fun, and are willing to return the favor you can get a lot of help by being social in your gameplay. Start being succesful today so you won't be considered a leech as some are in online games.