Sunday, May 6, 2012

Level 638 in Mob Wars

Today I reached a double promotion, and something very interesting happened. I have just under 200 mob members in Mob Wars, and I beat a guy with 600+ members.

Apparently this player hasn't followed my blog because he may earn quite a bit of money, but equipment (armor, protection, weapons, vehicles etc) must follow the number of mob members to be effective.

Amazing he has ever reached any levels at alll without understandingvthe game... :-)

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Mob Wars Level 636 - And a Word of Caution

Today I reached level 636, and that in itself isn't all that important. Daily promotions are no longer any surprise since I began using the Mob Wars app on my iPad.

But p•ssing people off IS dangerous in the game. I committed the mistake of adding someone to the hit list who had whacked me since I won fair and square in fights with a member of his family.

I ended up with -4,348 in experience points because he noticed I refilled my energy, and was online, doing other business.

Some people take this game all too personal. :-)

Anyway, I logged off for a couple of minutes, and then started rebuilding the experience. So now I am well on the way to level 637.

But just thought I would share the experience with you.

Remember: if you have anything in the games of Crime City, Mob Wars or Mafia Wars you want to share or ask about, then comments are more than welcome.

Have fun out there. :-)