Sunday, July 27, 2014

Mob Wars - Status Update

I reached level 909 this morning in Mob Wars - one of the Facebook games I regularly play.

I have found an interesting perspective. Some people are hopelessly unaware that the green words "Online now" means you should act swiftly. I had an opponent that thought he could hitlist me, recover his health after the ignition was rigged, and then repeat the action thus killing me.

He learned his lesson the hard way. :-)

I could rig his ignition again while he recovered, and he even tried a third time. What a fool...

Anyway, once you begin following the tips and ideas I have given over the years in the Facebook games I play, you will begin to see that the games are much easier to handle once you really understand the mechanics...

Have fun out there. :-)

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Status Update

In Mob Wars, I reached level 904 this evening. Had some pretty hard fights with cheating gamers who had to get a big spanking before they got the message. :-)

In Airport City, I have reached level 14.

I was wondering what problems you might be having with any of the games of Mob Wars, Airport City, Mafia Wars, Cafe World or some other Facebook game. Feel free to ask in comments. I would gladly help. :-)