Sunday, October 20, 2013

Another Quick Status Update

Today I want to give you a quick status update.
In Mafia Wars I have reached level 665
In Mob Wars I have reached level 837.
In Criminal Case I have reached level 43 - and well on my way towards completely solving case #12.
In FarmVille 2 I have reached level 53 - all animals are well fed, friends have been visited, and numerous gold medals have been achieved in recent animal shows.

Have fun out there. :-)

War Commander - Cheaters Destroy This Gameplay

War Commander is a relatively new game on Facebook. You build resources for your own depot, and this is done by harvesting oil and metal. A somewhat slow process which has apparently tempted many into cheating. And cheaters have indeed destroyed much of the gameplay. Even when you're just minding your own business, you get attacked by people who in no way could have gained their levels through serious harvesting.

It is promised that cheaters are kicked out, but nothing happens, and many gamers are discussing this in the lower left corner chat. Sector 49 is filled with people who don't play fair game.

For me this has caused me to seriously consider dropping the game, and I think many others will do the same - thus giving cheaters (who never buy credits, mind you) to take over even more of the game.

It is a kamikaze strategy for the company behind the game, so RIP War Commander...

Friday, August 23, 2013

A Quick Status Update

Today I want to give you a quick status update.
In Mob Wars I have reached level 814.
In Criminal Case I have reached level 36 - and well on my way towards completely solving case #9.
In Mafia Wars I have reached level 660 - and well on my way in the latest addition to the game play, South Africa.
In FarmVille 2 I have reached level 46 - all animals are well fed, friends have been visited, and a recent gold medal was reached in the recent animal show.

Have a nice weekend everyone. :-)

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Some Games Appeal to Some People

It's quite fun to hear people talking about games on their computers. Some people LOVE one game, and others detest it. Some are strategists, others just want some fun during a short break. Truth is: some games appeal to some people, and others for other people.

Some friends of mine LOVE World of Warcraft - I can't get the needed overview or set myself into that world of phantasy.

Even if I spent the next year testing their wonderful methods they reveal on blogs, in forums etc, it would never be a game for me. It would just be a system of consuming time.

This is ecactly the same thing with a game such as Criminal Case, at times. I like the initial investigation, the solved murder mystery, and suddenly you have the boring aspect of any case, extra investigation.

In my world, you should be able to move on to the next case WITHOUT having to run through the same lanes earning your points for some minor aspect. I go for the full five stars in each lane, and then I had hoped I didn't have to run through it again.

Gameplay IS different for all people.

I remember the good old days of Wolfenstein, Doom and all the nostalgic games of that starting era. Much has happened since, and in this short journey though the world of gaming there is one thing that further bugs me - the functionality of Flash. Flash-based games are wonderful in the sense that they can be played through your browser. But they certainly require something of servers.... Zynga games often hang, and it's a real pain in the backside when that happens.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Sweet Revenge in Mob Wars

When you get a decent spanking after adding a person to the hit list, don't be surprised sweet revenge is the best cure from the stronger adversary. :-)

This principle can't be said too often.

A wimp got insulted that he couldn't beat me, and added me to the hit list. When he got his spanking, he tried again. Need I say he got what he deserved? If such a person had been in an actual mob war, he wouldn't survive even a day.

Some people have no honor. They need to spend quite a bit of money trying to gain influence - and won't ever get it. They will pay bounty hunters, but respect can't be earned that way.

Current status is level 799, and still a very fun game.

Have fun out there in Mob Wars. :-)

Friday, June 7, 2013

Mob Wars - Level 792 - Join the Mob

Today, I just wanted to update you on my status on Mob Wars. I have reached level 792, and you are welcome to join my mob. I have nearly 300 mob members, and you can be sure to get daily help (energy, resources etc.).

Join the mob by clicking here:

Have a nice weekend everyone.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Zynga: Focus On Your Bandwidth

Whether it's a question of bandwidth or programming, I really don't know. But what I do know is that a game such as FarmVille 2 is losing the connection far too often. Once you have visited 20+ farms - and friends do help one another, as I have often focused upon on this blog - you end up losing the connection.

And everybody knows that games programmed in Flash can already be a challenge. So please do remember to clean your cache, Zynga. There must be some rather buggy challenges you have overlooked since it's especially FarmVille 2 that has this problem.

Good luck in reviewing your source code. It is important in attracting more users that your servers are running at optimum speed at all times... :-)

Sunday, May 26, 2013

We Need More Challenges in Mafia Wars

I am sure I am speaking for quite a number of players when I say we need more challenges in Mafia Wars. The game is starting to get a bit boring. Rather than adding a lot of extra games, we need more FOCUS on gameplay to excite new players. I regularly get a lot of extra team members, but a lot of them only play very seldomly....

So my best advice to Zynga is to focus more attention to new cities and more challenging gameplay so we can attract a lot more people, and get them really excited in becoming regular players.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Level 785 in Mob Wars

Now, level 785 has been reached in Mob Wars on Facebook. Things speed up as you reach higher levels, and just as I advised previously here on this blog, you will find that as you give gifts to others, you do indeed get a lot more back. So even if you have just begun in Mob Wars, you should get involved in sharing free gifts, so you can also add power to your mob.

You are more than welcome to join my mob by clicking here:

Have fun out there.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Criminal Case

There is a new and very exciting game on Facebook, called Criminal Case. It's quite a big challenge to get all five levels in puzzles - but could also be interesting for kids since you have to find hidden stuff around a specific image.

So I would recommend you check it out alongside Mob Wars, Mafia Wars and Crime City. It gives a certain variety to add Criminal Case to your portfolio of games.

Have fun. :-)

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Level 777 in Mob Wars

Currently, I have reached level 777 in Mob Wars - quite a nice number.

It's great fun to move through the levels, but you must remember to share free gifts so you can constantly accumulate energy and stamina.

Have fun. :-)

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Status Update

Today, I want to share the status levels in each of the two mob games I regularly play with you:
  • Mafia Wars - level 628
  • Mob Wars - level 772

Please do remember that growing large mobs as I have is based on regularly checking back with the game and being generous with free gifts to ensure your members also recommed their friends to join your mob.

Have a nice weekend everyone. :-)

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Mafia Wars, Mob Wars and Crime City - Status

Today, I want to share the status levels in each of the three games with you, dear readers:
  • Mafia Wars - level 623
  • Mob Wars - level 768
  • Crime City - level 91
As regular readers know it's important that you share things such as gifts and energy with fellow mobsters. It's the best shortcut to getting more tools, weaponry and energy, and gifting back is essential to ensuring a constant flow of these resources.

Please remember this in the year ahead if you want to be succesful and grow your mobs.