Monday, July 4, 2011

Today: Collecting, Jobs Done & Promotion

Today, the theme on the subject of the Mafia Wars game is collecting money from your investments, getting jobs done and how to proceed when facing promotion. Consider these short articles as reference points for doubts about the game - and feel free to use the archive for a complete overview of the game as I continue to add content about the Mafia Wars game.

Collecting Returns on Your Investment
Collecting is something that happens on an hourly basis in Mafia Wars. In New York $195 million per hour is being accumulated. In Moscow, it's 2,8 million rubles. The only problem with Moscow is that it has been locked out, along with Cuba. The only way to get your accumulated funds out of Moscow is to convert from your casino in Las Vegas. A slow process, but rather welcome when you need money for that new city in Mafia Wars.

An Overview of Finances - at Level 507
You can see the total figures just below. I am currently at level 507, and growing. Currently established with 136 Mafia Wars member players, and weapons for all, and then some... :-)

Getting Jobs Done
Getting jobs done is an important aspect in earning skill points to increase your skills and abilities in Mafia Wars. Getting jobs done increases your income potential as you move past smaller jobs and get into the fun parts with lots of money and experience points involved.

Facing Promotion - Decision Time for You
Now is the time to go back to the first article on this blog because promotion is the time when you can divide skill points between Attack, Defence, Health, Energy and Stamina.

Now you are better equipped - and remember: your feedback is welcome. :-)

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