Saturday, August 27, 2011

Mafia Wars - Status 551

Today my level in the Mafia Wars game has reached 551, and I have two very special tips for you today which many may have forgotten as they enter this game.

  • Gifts sent will earn you back benefits

  • Remember to collect your money in all districts

Gifts Sent Earn You Back Many Benefits
When you send free gifts to others, you profile yourself as a good Mafia Wars player, and you will find that the number of gifts you will also receive will GROW as you show yourself a good player. Being social involves bringing gifts, and that is the best way to ensure a good, and positive, profile of yourself.

Remember to Collect Your Money In All Districts
If you don't log in frequently you end up leaving money on the table. Zynga, developers of the Mafia Wars game, have already improved your possibility of collecting effectively.

You no longer need to log in to each area, but can collect directly from the front page of the Mafia Wars game as you log on.

Have a nice weekend everyone - and remember to play regularly. :-)

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Today's Status - Level 542

In continuation of following exactly the advice I have already given on this blog, I can now report that my level is now at 542. One very important aspect - which many players forget - is the social aspect in this game.

You MUST share gifts, and send things to others in order to benefit yourself. You can hold 5 energy packs, which ensure full energy + 25%. In order to keep a steady flow of energy packs it's a good idea to send energy packs to others as this is more likely to get you some energy packs for your own endeavors.

So, whenever you get rollin' in Mafia Wars it's a good idea to remember the social aspect. Good luck & remember you're welcome to join my Mafia Wars mob anythime.

Don't Buy the Mafia Wars Cheat Guide

You may have been tempted by the Mafia Wars Cheat Guide priced at $27. The PDF is promised to gain you access through levels at much higher pace than if you played the "normal" way, and offers shortcuts that simply are not there once you have bought this guide.

I was so unfortunate as to read reviews AFTER I had bought the product because I was very disappointed with the quality of this guide. I found it rather surprising that these reviews weren't visible when I was considering the purchase - but I could have asked for a full refund if only I had reacted sooner. My mistake, and I will survive the purchase anyway.

But you will get more help FOR FREE by following this blog, so don't waste $27 on a worthless guide. My advice is much better, and is available to all of you for free.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Status - Level 538

Today's status is that I have reached level 538. I want to announce that I will be reviewing the Mafia Wars Cheat Guide I originally promised during the weekend, so stay tuned for more about this cheat guide at the very latest monday morning.

Have fun, and remember that Mafia Wars should be played daily if you want to become a real master - and that you will be getting lots of more tips and ideas.

If you have special challenges, I welcome your comments. :-)

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Status - Level 533

Today, my status update is having reached level 533. See below:

The levels are getting more and more fun as you climb the stairs of different levels. As you unlock each level, new secret operations appear - and when you complete these there is both a bonus for yourself and for friends who assist you in completing.

So much as in real life, it pays to be a social person who helps his friends.

Stay tuned for more updates, trick and ideas. :-)