Saturday, March 31, 2012

Mob Wars - Level 608 Reached

As I wrote a few articles back the use of the Mob Wars app on the iPad has been very helpful in maintaining a regular player role.

This, obviously, doesn't mean I didn't play regularly before this, but it has been proven that I have played it considerably more since I bought the iPad.

What are YOUR favorite games on Facebook? Are there games you would like to hear more about, or special things about any of the games I have already written about you need more information about?

In other words: I welcome your comments. :-)

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Mob Wars - Level 600 Reached

Just as I recently mentioned the Crime City game on the iPad, I must say improvements to the Mob Wars app has also gone very excellently, and I have reached level 600.

The only thing that hasn't yet been added to the Mob Wars app is checking your stockpile with all the bonus cards you get when you reach new levels in each job in cities, but that is easily checked using your internet browser since you don't get a complete collection in one go...

All in all, Facebook games are beginning to be rather well designed, and the worst of games don't really enjoy the same type of growth. So just as I mentioned 17 million users of Mafia Wars, a good determining factor is how many users are running the game. When the numbers have reached a certain level it is rather safe to assume that the game actually works.

Have fun playing - and as always, you are welcome to join my various mobs. :-)

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Crime City App on the iPad

I must say quite a lot has happened since I originally tried the Crime City on the iPhone 4. Originally, I was somewhat surprised - and, yes, even disappointed - that you had to start all over from scratch when you played the Crime City game on the iPhone.

I am still disappointed that you can't transfer the level achieved on your Crime City profile connected to your Facebook profile when you play using the browser on your computer...

But the speed of the app on your iPad IS fast. Not just faster than on the iPhone 4, but it is quite literally fast and the gameplay is FAR improved compared with Flash running on your computer.

Funzio have really improved the app, and is warmly recommended if you want to enjoy the game.