Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Mob Wars - Suggestion for Mob Wars Team for Better Gameplay

When someone has attacked you - which you can see by clicking on Home and News - you may want to give a good whipping to someone who annoys you.

In the fight arena, you can choose the power attack of up to 10* power. But when you click on a profile name of someone who has attacked you, that option isn't available. You can only attack back with single power.

It might scare off wimps, if this was changed, so you had the same power attack as you have in the fight arena. Because, let's face it, these guys HAVE learned that their ignition gets rigged, so they won't put you on the Hitlist anyway, and thus the purpose of rigging someone's ignition gets somewhat lost.

I hope the Mob Wars team listens to good ideas, because this is truly one of those that could change the game quite dramatically.