Thursday, May 22, 2014

Goodbye, FarmVille 2

In continuation of the last article "FarmVille 2 - Slower Than Ever Before", I now made a conscious decision this morning as a result of the ongoing "please update your flash player" welcome screen.

All programs are already up-to-date, and I find it rather annoying that this error presents itself on numerous screens all over the place. Friends have been frustrated when this came up, and each time I could just repeat the same advice. Try updating, and if it keeps coming up, delete the game.

Well, today, it was my turn to delete the game...

Friday, May 16, 2014

FarmVille 2 Slower Than Ever Before...

It is kind of surprising to watch the game FarmVille 2. They keep adding features, and the game is slower than ever before... Stop developing crazy movies, and start focusing on improving the speed of the game.
This is a typical case of game overload. When you fail to optimize your code [and servers], then gameplay will suffer in any Flash game.
I hope Zynga is listening...