Friday, August 23, 2013

A Quick Status Update

Today I want to give you a quick status update.
In Mob Wars I have reached level 814.
In Criminal Case I have reached level 36 - and well on my way towards completely solving case #9.
In Mafia Wars I have reached level 660 - and well on my way in the latest addition to the game play, South Africa.
In FarmVille 2 I have reached level 46 - all animals are well fed, friends have been visited, and a recent gold medal was reached in the recent animal show.

Have a nice weekend everyone. :-)

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Some Games Appeal to Some People

It's quite fun to hear people talking about games on their computers. Some people LOVE one game, and others detest it. Some are strategists, others just want some fun during a short break. Truth is: some games appeal to some people, and others for other people.

Some friends of mine LOVE World of Warcraft - I can't get the needed overview or set myself into that world of phantasy.

Even if I spent the next year testing their wonderful methods they reveal on blogs, in forums etc, it would never be a game for me. It would just be a system of consuming time.

This is ecactly the same thing with a game such as Criminal Case, at times. I like the initial investigation, the solved murder mystery, and suddenly you have the boring aspect of any case, extra investigation.

In my world, you should be able to move on to the next case WITHOUT having to run through the same lanes earning your points for some minor aspect. I go for the full five stars in each lane, and then I had hoped I didn't have to run through it again.

Gameplay IS different for all people.

I remember the good old days of Wolfenstein, Doom and all the nostalgic games of that starting era. Much has happened since, and in this short journey though the world of gaming there is one thing that further bugs me - the functionality of Flash. Flash-based games are wonderful in the sense that they can be played through your browser. But they certainly require something of servers.... Zynga games often hang, and it's a real pain in the backside when that happens.