Sunday, March 15, 2015

Facebook Games - Status Update

In Mob Wars, I have reached level 1025, and now almost passing 400 mob members. Feel free to join the mob by clicking this link:

In Criminal Case, I have reached level 45. Once I have had the time to spend all the energy that has accumulated over the weeks, I'll probably reach level 47, and will have finalized district no. 13 fully. :-)

In Mafia Wars, I have reached level 680. There were a few weeks where I didn't play it at all. Some large mobs have a tendency of watching who is online, and they quite simply bombard people to steal funds. So you end up doing a lot of jobs, yet you can't continue, because you then lack the funds to continue with the next job because someone takes it from you. Such behaviour could potentially destroy gameplay, but I'm quite sure that someone is trying to alert admins as to the patterns some follow in the game of Mafia Wars...

In Airport City: Free to Fly, I have reached level 24.

As always, you are free to join, and if you have any questions whatsoever, please feel free to use the comment field.

Have fun out there :-)