Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Status: Level 513

Today's status was a big jump. I had saved numerous articles that released some Reward Points, and you can do the same. Use your stockpiles to save lots of boosts, and suddenly you can cash in all that stash to get a tremendous boost in your level achievements.

Mafia Wars is about wise stewardship. Maintain a good source of steady income, perform jobs and move ahead with your mafia. Use your income to build a strong weaponry so you can perform robbings in New York, do fights in Las Vegas, and convert your income from Moscow (which was locked out a few months ago), so you continually get extra benefit from performing jobs in new areas.

The Difficult Aspect: New Areas
The difficult aspect for many is the arrival of new areas. What should you focus upon? Well, the answer is simple. Once you have achieved a good level in one city, built income in new areas (Italy,Brazil,Las Vegas), you can begin moving in with performing jobs.

Don't leave it to just earning money. Put money earned in the bank. The payment of 10% when depositing funds is cheap - especially compared with losing a lot more from robbings from other, and bigger, mafia groups.

Once you have a casino you begin attracting a lot of attention from other Mafia Wars players. They want to earn some quick cash - and the few who have achieved almost world star status are harrassing more serious players by showing muscles.

At the end of the week I will tell you more about a Mafia Wars Cheat Guide you should stay away from. It's a worthless document - but stay tuned for my review of that guide so you can spend that 27$ on something far better. Might even be flowers for your wife when you enjoy the fun of Mafia Wars during long nights. :-)

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