Sunday, June 22, 2014

Status Level Update

Today I want to give you a quick status update.
In Mafia Wars I have reached level 666 - I haven't played this game much lately, but getting right back to it during my summer vacation, so stay tuned.
In Mob Wars I have reached level 895.
In Criminal Case I have reached the end of level 44 - and well on my way towards completely solving extra clues in case #12.
In Airport City - Free to Fly I have reached level 11.

Have fun out there playing Facebook games. :-)

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Airport City - Free to Fly

You may have tried Airport City - Free to Fly on Facebook. It's a rather smart game, and gameplay is excellent in many ways.

Purpose of the Game
You administer a small airport, and the goal of the game is to create all the surroundings of an airport - in fact the entire city. This is based on your own and neighbor planes landing in your airport, earning you money from delivering either passengers or fuel to airplanes visiting your airport.

The game works pretty well, but there are some aspects that are rather annoying. When you buy buildings, you have to ask for items before you can finalize the buildings, or buy special cash using REAL MONEY.

If there is anything that can truly provoke me, then it's the constant focus on money in Facebook games. You can't build much in some games before the money aspect sets in. It's like having a big money sign in FRONT of your shop before customers even come in the door...

Certainly a nice game, but be mindful that pilots start their resting period AFTER you have cleared their landing. So if you leave the game - many of us sleep at night :-) - you end up locked for some hours if you don't have many friends playing Airport City - Free to Fly...