Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Level 700 In Mob Wars

A major milestone was reached this evening when I reached level 700. I welcome your comments as to which information you need about the game of Mob Wars.

It is my primary intention to supply good information, and for that I need some feedback about what is good, what you're missing, and whether there is information you need more information about.

thanks very much beforehand. :-)

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Level 691 - Two Great Tips For You

I have now reached level 691 in Mob Wars, and today I want to share two great tips with you.

Energy Shortcut
If you send energy requests, there is a limit to how often you can satisfy such a request. Shortcut? Send energy to a mob friend. In that way the receiver can send more back to you at the same time.

Money Shortcut
In the same way as mentioned above, you can do exactly the same when you send a 10% money refill.

You have just got a multiple chance of replenishing BOTH energy and money.

Have fun. :-)