Thursday, December 29, 2011

Amazing Discovery

One big contrast between Mafia Wars and Mob Wars is fighting. In Mob Wars you can choose the amount of force you want to use. In my case, the current mob size is just under 200, but I beat a mob of 585 members by choosing a force of 9. It's true that this costs 9 stamina points, but you get a sudden increase in experience points of nearly 1K points. A highly valuable tip you can use to reach new levels more quickly when there is about 3.6K experience points between levels once you are nearing level 600.

You must ensure proper arming of your mob both attack and defence wise, but once you have the right equipment from the Inventory tab it's now possible to achieve miracles.

I thought that was a trick worth sharing, and wish you all a Happy New Year. Stay tuned for more useful tips and ideas for all games I play, e.g. Mob Wars, Mafia Wars, Cafe World, Crime City etc. :-)

Friday, December 23, 2011

Mafia Wars Finances and Areas

In Mafia Wars you need good finances to build your inventory of weapons - as I have also explained previously. To get a good solid and steady income you need to invest in buildings (by clicking the City button in the top menu). When you don't have enough money to invest in buildings, it's a good idea to put money in the bank - even though it costs you 10% to whitewash your cash deposits...

When you deposit money in the bank it can't be robbed by other mobsters. Also, joining a large mob can help you safeguard yourself from attacks in Mafia Wars. As I showed yesterday, you can click the link to join my mob, as I am looking to continue the expansion in the game - and might also join a larger mob myself. Having lots of friends joining you helps you achieve bigger attack and defense levels, so you are more than welcome to join the family. :-)

A good financial situation can be seen right here:

As regular players will already know not all areas are active anymore. The list of currently active areas to which you can travel are these:

Money you have in non-active areas can be converted into Las Vegas cash by going to your Vault (next to the cash shown at the top right), and selecting the tab Conversion. In that way you can change Cuba or Moscow cash into money you can spend developing Las Vegas in Mafia Wars.

Enjoy the game during this x-mas vacation, and stay tuned for more tips in Mafia Wars in the year ahead. :-)

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Join The Fun in Mafia Wars

Join the fun in Mafia Wars. Some have asked how they can join the fun, and therefore I wanted to share the link with all readers, so you can become a part of the gameplay. I have currently reached level 580, and the more the merrier in Mafia Wars. :-)

Click right here: Join the mob in Mafia Wars.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

How Facebook Blocks Gameplay

Today I am going to reveal to you how Facebook blocks gameplay for those who are succesful in completing missions. The last couple of weeks growth has been big for the four games I play, namely in Mafia Wars, Mob Wars and Crime City, but also in Cafe World. As I told you in previous articles being social involves helping friends in your mobs to achieve better results. The more you give to others, the more you will get back. In fact, you even have the tab "Recommended friends" where Zynga will tell you which friends give the most back.

My current achievement levels are these:

  • Crime City - 71

  • Mob Wars - 548

  • Mafia Wars - 578

Social media involves people requesting your friendship on Facebook since most of the games require you to be friends before you can join their mob or become neighbors, whichever fits the scenario.

The problem is then that some strange robot is monitoring the amount of friendship requests you make or receive, and suddenly tells you that you have sent requests even though this morning there were in fact 38 pending friendship requests in my inbox. I didn't make any of these requests. They were sent to me by a friend who also plays Mafia Wars, and probably even reads this blog too...

So Facebook should get their act together if they want partners to develop games for their platform. There are competitors out there, dear Facebook, so maybe you should get your team to change the settings of your robot to fit the lavel "social media."

Please share this article with whomever might need this information. We want our games to be safe places where we can have lots of fun sharing the hobbies we like and playing the games we enjoy.

Merry X-mas everyone. :-)

Saturday, December 3, 2011

New Cities in Mafia Wars

As you may have noticed, new cities have been added to the Mafia Wars game: Los Angeles and Washington DC. As always new challenges will increase the quality of the game, and the Zynga team are making a good effort in trying to increase the quality of the gameplay.

One annoying thing, however, are the intro screens when you log into Mafia Wars from Facebook. The constant offers for credits is quĂ­te tedious, and when you are a frequent player that does take a bit away from an otherwise fun game to play.

So, dear Zynga, please be mindful that these intro screens are a real pain in the backside...