Saturday, August 27, 2011

Mafia Wars - Status 551

Today my level in the Mafia Wars game has reached 551, and I have two very special tips for you today which many may have forgotten as they enter this game.

  • Gifts sent will earn you back benefits

  • Remember to collect your money in all districts

Gifts Sent Earn You Back Many Benefits
When you send free gifts to others, you profile yourself as a good Mafia Wars player, and you will find that the number of gifts you will also receive will GROW as you show yourself a good player. Being social involves bringing gifts, and that is the best way to ensure a good, and positive, profile of yourself.

Remember to Collect Your Money In All Districts
If you don't log in frequently you end up leaving money on the table. Zynga, developers of the Mafia Wars game, have already improved your possibility of collecting effectively.

You no longer need to log in to each area, but can collect directly from the front page of the Mafia Wars game as you log on.

Have a nice weekend everyone - and remember to play regularly. :-)

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