Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Don't Buy the Mafia Wars Cheat Guide

You may have been tempted by the Mafia Wars Cheat Guide priced at $27. The PDF is promised to gain you access through levels at much higher pace than if you played the "normal" way, and offers shortcuts that simply are not there once you have bought this guide.

I was so unfortunate as to read reviews AFTER I had bought the product because I was very disappointed with the quality of this guide. I found it rather surprising that these reviews weren't visible when I was considering the purchase - but I could have asked for a full refund if only I had reacted sooner. My mistake, and I will survive the purchase anyway.

But you will get more help FOR FREE by following this blog, so don't waste $27 on a worthless guide. My advice is much better, and is available to all of you for free.

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