Friday, December 11, 2015

Practice Makes Perfect

Puzzle solving in Criminal Case can actually be fun
As many of you know, we all have strong and weaker points. Some are good at solving puzzles. Others are less able to do this. I have found an interesting aspect in all of this, and that is that the old saying "Practice makes perfect" is true.

Once you begin doing what you have not been accustomed to before, you begin to develop a certain talent for it. For me it was always the window to the right at the top in the 9 window screen in Criminal Case that used to annoy me. Once I decided I would earn all the experience stars, I had to face puzzle solving, and after some five or six complete runs, I am actually doing it like I never did anything else.

So I would encourage all of you to face your challenges head on. You are going to be happy once you have conquered those hurdles. It works well in games, but is certainly also applicable in real life.

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