Sunday, October 25, 2015

AirPort City - Free to Fly: New Challenges - Daily Missions

Finally, the team behind AirPort City - Free to Fly have added a bit to the feel of gameplay. They have added daily missions with a variety of fun things you need to do to get a bonus. Sometimes even hard-to-get little things you need in the game.

But, then again, you end up being a bit annoyed. Personally, it's yesterday's challenge. Speeding up flights is fine when all flights are in working condition, but when four out of six airplanes are to be repaired, and you need to PAY actual money to get the type of currency to repair your planes, then yesterday was the first day in four when I didn't complete the mission of the day.

As I have written before, I won't use actual spending money to complete a game, so AirPort City - Free to Fly was disregarded yesterday. :-)

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