Sunday, September 13, 2015

AirPort City Free to Fly Status Update

I am still at level 25. AirPort City has been one of those games I haven't really played all that much this summer. It is a game that misses quite a bit, and the people behind it have invented lots of things that require bonus money, which you can either only acquire by asking friends to join, or pay real spending money to get...

The game is startingto suffer from lagging quality when their servers are busy, so you can at least deduct that there ARE people who play the game. :-)

It can be great fun, and I think much depends on how many other games you can also add to your portfolio of games on Facebook. As you can read on this blog, I switch quite a bit between Criminal Case, Mafia Wars, MobWars, AirPort City and even FarmVille.

Have fun out there. :-)

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