Tuesday, December 20, 2011

How Facebook Blocks Gameplay

Today I am going to reveal to you how Facebook blocks gameplay for those who are succesful in completing missions. The last couple of weeks growth has been big for the four games I play, namely in Mafia Wars, Mob Wars and Crime City, but also in Cafe World. As I told you in previous articles being social involves helping friends in your mobs to achieve better results. The more you give to others, the more you will get back. In fact, you even have the tab "Recommended friends" where Zynga will tell you which friends give the most back.

My current achievement levels are these:

  • Crime City - 71

  • Mob Wars - 548

  • Mafia Wars - 578

Social media involves people requesting your friendship on Facebook since most of the games require you to be friends before you can join their mob or become neighbors, whichever fits the scenario.

The problem is then that some strange robot is monitoring the amount of friendship requests you make or receive, and suddenly tells you that you have sent requests even though this morning there were in fact 38 pending friendship requests in my inbox. I didn't make any of these requests. They were sent to me by a friend who also plays Mafia Wars, and probably even reads this blog too...

So Facebook should get their act together if they want partners to develop games for their platform. There are competitors out there, dear Facebook, so maybe you should get your team to change the settings of your robot to fit the lavel "social media."

Please share this article with whomever might need this information. We want our games to be safe places where we can have lots of fun sharing the hobbies we like and playing the games we enjoy.

Merry X-mas everyone. :-)

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