Friday, November 18, 2011

Crime City App for iPhone

In continuation of my article about the Mob Wars App for iPhone, I have found that now you can also play Crime City on your iPhone.

Games are truly becoming the thing here in the 21st century. Just imagine that a couple of decades ago, a 80286 was running at 12Mhz, the CPU speed of an iPhone is more than 50 times bigger and the complexity of instructions far bigger running on ARM class CPUs...

Handheld cellphones, in other words, are becoming the way to perform complex tasks - and you almost don't need a real computer anymore. People who have bought iPads have similar experiences, and now that televisions are also beginning to run WiFi and infrared transfer possibilities, you can quite literally play YouTube videos on your television screen without connecting any cables.

Have a nice weekend, and enjoy your gameplay everyone. :-)

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